13 Courtenay Street

Two-storey extension and internal remodelling reaching completion, Salcombe, Devon.

The Grange, Heronsgate

Extension complete to nineteenth century school house in Conservation Area














Grange Cottage

Weatherproof and nearing completion

New Part I and Part II Architectural Assistants

Rohan Kakad

New Part I Architectural Assistant

Joins the team



88-98 College Road

Successful handover as project reaches completion.


Broomhill, Mount Park Avenue

April 2019 – Planning Approval for copper-clad garden room in Conservation Area

13 St John’s Road, Harrow

Conversion and extension to create 20 new flats in Harrow complete.


6 + 6 1/2 Crown Street

Scheme with extensive refurbishment to form 2 new residential units.

LBR-April 27, 20170973Crown Street